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Client Testimonials

Going into this consultation, I thought warm/gold tones would look best on me with dark colors suiting me well because of the contrast of my light skin and dark hair. Turns out I'm cool-toned who does best with lighter colors! I had my consultation with Lizzie, who is welcoming, observant, and intelligent. She broke down why some colors suited me better than others, e.g. "colors with blue and white mixed in are evening out your skin tone", "this color has some gray in it and is likewise making your skin appear a little dull", "this navy highlights your jaw so it's a good dark color option if you need one although light colors will universally look better on you." I felt overwhelmed initially but got better at discerning color matches as she coached me through the process. Lizzie categorized me as a "Soft Summer / cool mute" and sent a personalized color guide afterwards where she marked the specific colors that suited me best within my color family. I'm really impressed and satisfied with this experience. I'm really glad I got my color analysis done and highly recommend you get yours with Seklab!

Jackie F.

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